The Nation’s Leading Advance Directive Registry

Low-cost, Time-tested, Turn Key Solutions for Advance Directive, Organ Donor, DNR and POLST registries.

Fully Customizable

The U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry® provides an easy, low-cost, turn key solution for states wishing to start an advance directive and/or organ donor registry.  The Registry electronically stores advance directives and organ donor information, and makes them available via secure Internet 24 hours a day.  The states of Vermont, Washington and Nevada used the Registry to develop and launch their state advance directive registries.  The states of Vermont and Washington utilize the services of the Registry on an ongoing basis to manage their registries.

Utilizing our existing time-tested, custom designed system makes setting up a state registry fast and easy.  Our sophisticated software can be customized with the look and feel of your state’s web pages, and features can be customized to comply with each individual state’s statutes and regulations.

The Registry can also set up Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) and Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) registries quickly and easily using our existing software infrastructure. Our system allows for remote uploading of documents into the database giving instant access to the document anytime and anywhere. This makes these time-sensitive and critical documents available on-line to responding ambulance crews, paramedics and EMTs as well as to physicians and other health care personnel anytime, anywhere.  Our Mobile App for Emergency Personnel allows emergency responders to search for documents by address, so they can view a document before arriving on the scene.  This helps to avoid the difficult situation that emergency responders sometimes encounter, when a DNR or POLST document detailing specific physician orders is not available at the time they arrive on the scene.  

Your state’s tax payers will not have to fund the high costs associated with software design, hardware purchase and ongoing maintenance, not to mention the savings from salaries and benefits for personnel that would be needed to staff the registry.

Click on the pictures to see how the Vermont and Washington state registries work, and then call us to discuss how we can help set up your state registry by calling 908-654-1441.  For more information, click here.