LIFETIME Advance Directive Registration

Price $49.95

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What you will receive:

  1. LIFETIME  membership in the U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry®
  2. Electronic registration of your document in the nationwide registry.
  3. Wallet card and personal Registration #.
  4. Labels for your Insurance Card and Driver’s License
  5. Annual update reminder so that your personal information and document remain current.
  6. Unlimited changes to your information and document.
  7. Unlimited access to your document via on-line Personal Account and free Mobile App. When you login to your Personal Account, you have access to all of these features:
    • Download, view and print your document
    • Email a copy of your document
    • Fax a copy of your document
    • Make changes to your personal information and emergency contact information
    • Confirm that your advance directive is current and still reflects your wishes
    • Upload a new document to replace your current document
    • You can even email or fax a copy of your document directly from your laptop computer or smartphone. This is a very convenient way to give your document to health care providers who will ask for it whenever you are admitted to a hospital, go to the Emergency Room or even if you have elective outpatient surgery.
  8. Access to your document by health care providers by any of the following methods:
    • Access via Internet using your personal Registration # (wallet card).
    • Access via Internet by name and birth date search by member health care providers.
    • Access via toll-free telephone/facsimile by all health care providers.
  9. Privacy and confidentiality – your personal information is never sold or released to third parties – you do not need to “opt out”.
  10. When you add email addresses to the Circle of Trust list, you are requesting the Registry to send them a copy of any email we send to you.  This is a feature that is great for those who do not have an email address or who do not use email.  Those closest to you will receive communications from the Registry, and can let you know about them.  The people in the Circle of Trust do not have access to your account or your documents, they simply receive email communications.

Once your account is complete, you will receive a Confirmation letter in the mail containing a personal wallet card and stickers for your license and insurance cards.

Purchase a registration for yourself and/or your loved ones.

A sample registration card (front/back) is shown below:

Purchase a registration for yourself and/or your loved ones.