Testimonials from Registrants

We ask registrants to submit their comments for posting on this page so that others may get the benefit of their experience with the Registry. All contributors to this page have given the Registry permission to post their comments on the Internet. Names have been withheld by request. If you would like to submit your comments, please send them to the address below, and be sure to specify that you are giving your permission for us to post your comments on this web page.

U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry
Attention: Testimonials
PO Box 2789
Westfield, NJ 07091-2789

The U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry has been for not only myself but my husband and family a “God Sent”. I am thankful my husband keeps abreast of current events always listening to radio and T.V. as well as reading a newspaper that he heard about the organization. We are all glad he did. I have recommended and requested information be sent to our local physician. Keep up the good work.

Name withheld

Cortlandt Manor, New York

I wholeheartedly recommend advance directives and registration with the U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry. My directive is registered additionally at our local hospital and a copy is in my physician’s records. I feel it is important that my desires are known-in advance-to the medical caregivers most likely to provide early care in case of any emergency. It is far easier-in my opinion-to prevent extreme measures initially rather than to have them withdrawn after starting! I also have your sticker attached to my driver’s license. Thank you-I wish you continued support. Keep up the good work!

Name withheld

Kinston, North Carolina

I am so thankful for this service and the peace of mind it gives me. I was skeptical at first but have found the registry easy to work with and very private and cooperative. I would recommend the registry to anyone.

Name withheld

Alamogordo, New Mexico

I am very glad I registered my advanced directive. As caregiver for my mother, my father, and my stepmother I cannot express the peace of mind that registering gives. My husband and daughter will never go through the stress of wondering if they are acting according to my wishes. It will be very clear for them. In a way, making my advanced directive is protecting my husband and daughter, even when I am seriously ill. When a loved one is seriously ill is the worst possible time to deal with the subtleties and ramifications of hospital and legal bureaucracies. This will free them from a lot of those worries.

Name withheld

Kingston, Washington

We registered because we move often and travel a great deal. We wanted our wishes carried out by the medical profession no matter where we happened to be. They have access this way. We have not been hassled in any way because of this registration, and we highly recommend this service.

Felton M.

Westchester, Pennsylvania

I, as a physician, and my wife, as a registered nurse, registered with the “U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry” because we feel it is a wonderful service available to everyone who wishes to have confidence their desires will be honored at a time they may not be in a position to make those critical instructions known themselves. It negates the necessity to carry “instructions” with you, or to have to burden family or friends with responsibilities they may not wish to have. We have recommended this service to other family members and friends. Thank you very much for providing a much needed way to have our advanced directives available 24 hrs/day to those health care providers who will be able to honor our wishes.

Name withheld

Lahaina, Hawaii

I recently had knee replacement surgery. They requested proof of a living will. I was most grateful that we were registered with the U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry. Thank you.

Name withheld

Phoenix, Arizona

I registered my wife’s and my advanced directives with you because access to it could be obtained by any hospital or other facility by contacting your organization should such a need arise. Your sticker affixed to my Medicare Card is a very convenient way to let anyone who needs to know whether I have such a directive, since I do not carry a copy with me. I am glad I did. I do think your organization provides a valuable service.

William H.

Maplewood, New Jersey

Our experience with the U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry has been all positive. We feel assured that our registration is immediately available to prevent any possible mistake from occurring…by accident or otherwise.

Jack P.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

I registered my wishes with U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry because it is comforting to know my family will not bear the burden of having to make this decision, these are my wishes.

You have to be involved in such a crisis to know how it really affects family members. For me, I have taken steps to insure that when and if this situation occurs, my family will not be the ones to make this decision.

U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry provides a valuable service and I would strongly recommend others to register their advance directives with the Registry.

Henry D.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

It makes a lot of sense. Yes I’m very happy to have ‘planned’ in advance. I have never been bothered by the L.W.R. people. Once I signed on that was it. I recommend it for anyone who is thoughtful and cares for the people around him. Just to know it will be so much easier for them, should anything happen to me.

William N.

Meriden, Connecticut

I don’t have to bring my living will with me but just look it up on the Internet, which relieves me from any problem.

Name withheld

Toms River, New Jersey

As a single, senior citizen—I feel the U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry is the only responsible and convenient manner to make your wishes known should you become ill or incapacitated due to an accident or extreme medical circumstances.

Why put added burden and stress on relatives or friends, who many times don’t know what your wishes are should death or severe mental deprivation occur?

Too many of us procrastinate about our own true beliefs when the question of death or permanent mental incapacitation is put before us!

There wasn’t much you could do about your birth—but you do have much to say, and document, about your death! As the sports slogan says, ‘Just Do It.’

Larry B.

South Bend, Indiana

I am very comforted to have a place to keep my Final Requests and know that they may be retrieved when or if needed. I am glad that you provide a Nation Wide Service, as I travel frequently. When I travel I always carry my Living Will and other related documents with me. Some states will not adhere to these documents when you are in an accident in their state. But, they will contact the ‘Registry’ and then abide by your decisions. So, it is very beneficial to be registered with the U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry. Everyone needs to have their wishes in writing. If they want to be an organ donor or not; if they want to be on life supports or not! I highly recommend that everyone make their wishes known by registering with this valuable service.

I have been at the death of my Grandmother as she passed from this life to Heaven. She did not want to be kept alive ‘on some old machine.’ She died with dignity at 94 years of age.

I was at the death of my Husband when he passed from this life to Heaven. Cancer took his life at age 50. He signed a Living Will stating that he did not want to be kept alive on machines. When the Lord calls you name, it is your time to be with him. Yes, I wanted my Husband here with me but not kept alive only by a machine.

My Mother had surgery last year. ON the fifth day of recovery she coded in my arms and was put on machines in ICU for five days. She had no idea what was going on or where she was or even why she was there. After two weeks, when she had regained some control of herself, she signed a Living Will. She said that she never wants to be put through anything like that again. She is also registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry. Since then most of my family has registered.

I have seen death in many forms and quality of life is very important to me. I do not want to be on machines just to keep my body alive.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinions and concern about the service you provide and the experiences I have endured.


A Very Satisfied Registrant

Name withheld

Saginaw, Texas