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The U.S. Advance Care Plan Registry provides an easy, cost-effective way for your facility to manage its advance directives while satisfying federal and state regulations. The Registry electronically stores all types of advance care planning documents including advance directives, DNR, MOLST, POLST and organ donor information, and makes them available to health care providers across the country 24 hours a day by telephone and secure Internet through an automated system.  There is also a Mobile App for Emergency Personnel that allows emergency responders to search for a document by address, so that they can view the document prior to arriving at the scene.

Health care providers face significant challenges in storing and retrieving advance directives:

  • How does the provider know that the advance directive on file is the most recent?
  • Which of the multiple charts on a particular patient contains the most current advance directive?
  • Who has the time to search through the medical records to find the old advance directive each time the patient is re-admitted?
  • What does a provider do with the advance directive when they convert their charts to electronic form, or microfiche?

Designed in collaboration with health care providers, administrators, attorneys and doctors, our solution is a manageable, efficient solution to these problems.

  • A single location to store and retrieve advance directives at your facility.
  • Annual reminders are sent to registrants to assure the documents stored in the Registry are up to date and reflect current information.
  • Secure online or fax access to documents among all of your various facilities.
  • Frees staff from the administrative burdens associated with filing, updating and retrieving directive documents.
  • The Registry can be integrated into your electronic medical record system or can be a separate application on your system utilizing the most recent version of the FHIR standard.

The Registry offers a comprehensive program that allows storage and retrieval of ALL advance directives at your facility…even those already on file in your record room.

Federal law requires health care providers (hospitals, doctors, skilled nursing facilities, nursing facilities, home health agencies, providers of home health care, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospices) to determine whether any patient being admitted has an advance directive and, if so, to place a copy into the medical record.

We help you comply with federal regulations that require your facility to provide community education about advance directives with our “Living Will Fair Guide”, available only to members of the Registry.


“I know how very important it is to have our personal healthcare wishes be known and to have those wishes carried out when we can no longer make our own medical decisions. As an Estate Planning lawyer I emphasize to all my clients, that having an advance directive in force, and having it registered on the U.S. Living Will Registry is the only way to be sure that family and healthcare providers know exactly what those wishes are. The U.S. Living Will Registry is doing a wonderful job in providing this much-needed information to medical institutions and family members. We are excited to offer this service to our clients and report that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Gary B. Schreiner, Attorney at Law – Oyster Bay, New York

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