“Living Will Fair” Guide

The “Living Will Fair” Guide was developed to make it easy for health care providers to sponsor a community education event on advance directives.  The program provides practical information and a step-by-step guide detailing how to run your own living will “fair”.  Templates of letters to attorneys, community leaders and doctors, in addition to a template for a flyer and other helpful information is available in this highly acclaimed guide.  This is an easy way for your facility to comply with federal regulations requiring health care facilities to provide education to their communities about advance directives.

The guide is available to member Health Care Providers and Community Partners of the U.S. Living Will Registry free of charge.  This is just one of the many benefits of membership in the Registry.  Members and Partners can access this program and download it by logging on to  the password protected Providers or Partners page.

Member Health Care Providers also have unlimited 24-hour access to advance directives, emergency contact information and organ donor information via toll-free telephone (1-800-LIV-WILL) or secure Internet web site.  The U.S. Living Will Registry is the solution to the problem health care providers have managing advance directives.  Storing, retrieving and updating advance directives can be a time-consuming chore for your medical records department.  The Registry provides an easy, low cost solution that is also simple to implement.  For more information about the benefits of membership, and for details on how your facility can become a Member Health Care Provider or Partner of the Registry, click here.